D.M. Valve & Controls is committed to deliver quality products and solutions to manage all of your flow control requirements.

Who we are

Since 1982 DM Valve & Controls has grown to be a leader in the distribution of valve, actuation, and automated valve products. Our strength is the product knowledge and applications experience we deliver to our customers every day. Our goal is to promote innovative valve solutions by demonstrating the latest technology available from our channel partners.

We are committed to offer the best valve for the job while reducing the cost of ownership. Our value is the service we provide our customers, our large inventory of finished product and our strong relationships with the channel partners we represent, and to service the products that we sell.

Our mission is to be the leading valve distributor for the municipal and industrial sectors in the markets that we serve.

What we do

  • Deliver comprehensive valve solutions
  • Represent industry leading channel partners
  • Provide engineering support (including CFD and FEA)
  • Offer valve sizing training schools
  • Deliver detailed submittal drawings (2D & 3D)
  • Provide valve sizing and materials selection software
  • Offer lunch and learn workshops at client location
  • Provide an experienced project management team
  • Organize training workshops at our channel partner facilities
  • Provide site supervision, commissioning, and after sales service.

Corporate highlights

1982 – Founded in Montreal
1989 – Launched Eastern Ontario division
2003 – Launched Quebec City division
2004 – Launched municipal products division
2005 – Appointed Cla-Val Quebec distributor
2007 – Appointed JASH North American Agent
2010 – 2015 Awarded top Bray distributor in Canada
2011 – Appointed North American agent for PMP Precision Valve
2015 – Expanded to new 16,000 sq. /ft office and warehouse
2017 – Appointed McCrometer distributor for Eastern Canada


What we stand for

  • Committed to create an organization that delivers industry leading service and quality products.
  • Determined to develop strong relationships with our customers to better understand their needs
  • Resource for our customers to rely on for recommendations and support both today and in the future.
  • Endeavor to be the valve solution destination of choice to our customers.