Wether industrial or municipal, our status as a leader in the field guarantees compliance with process control standards. Our reputation is second to none; our customers rely on our integrated services to meet the needs of their respective industries.

Pre-sales and Set-up

Let our technicians and experts work with you; from technical specifications to drawing submittal package and choosing the perfect parts, we guarantee a structured and efficient project adapted to fit your situation.

DM Valve uses the latest software for valve and actuator sizing, cavitation analysis, and CFD modeling.

Maintenance & Installation Support

Our specialists are always available to meet your training needs. Our team is always on the lookout for changes in the industry and the different types of equipment available for your project. Call our team of experts – you’ll get the expertise you need.

DM Valve recommends frequent training for its employees and customers. Bray Montreal offers a two-day training program that combines theory and practical application. Cla-Val also offers training programs for both engineers and maintenance personnel. Contact us at your convenience to schedule an appointment or to discuss a personalized training plan.

Customer Service

For technical assistance, modifications to your current needs, or advice on future projects, our professional process control solutions are at your disposal.

DM Valve’s customer service team are here for your peace of mind. Our factory-trained technicians are available to perform on-site repairs, calibrate your equipment, or just to help you get started. You will receive detailed reports on the service or services provided.